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Our site uses adaptive bit-rate streaming to deliver the highest quality media that your internet connection and device can handle. Optimally, if your connection and device can handle it, you'll see a high-definition picture up to 1080p with stereo audio. While you're streaming, we'll monitor your bandwidth to make certain you're getting the best stream possible - if your connection and/or device require, we'll adapt the bit rate and send an appropriate stream to optimize your viewing experience.

Files are available for download on a per-title basis. If a title contains downloadable files, you can access them by owning (not renting) the title. After a purchase, you will find links on the title's download page which you can access by going to the title's page and click the 'Download' button.

Titles can be watched on the web, on your tablet, or smartphone. For many titles, you can also download a video file that can be played on many devices. Video download files that we provide are a standard H.264 video.

Depending on how a title is set up for purchasing, you can either purchase to own (download or stream from the web) or rent (stream from the web for a limited duration).


When you purchase a title on config->item('site_name');?> you can watch it in a number of ways. You can download a video to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device so you can watch it even if you don't have an Internet connection. This ensures the best quality possible because you aren't relying on the speed and reliability of your Internet connection.

You can also stream the title through a web browser on a myriad of supported screens ranging from your desktop computer to a mobile device - no more messing with downloading apps.


Like purchasing, you can stream a title to your browser by renting a title at a reduced price for a specified amount of time. This means that you will only have streaming access to the video for a duration the filmmaker decides (usually 24 hours), starting at the time that you begin watching the video.

You can view all your purchases on your Purchases page.

You can view the titles you have rented or own on your Library page.